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Legal Options Available to Domestic Violence Victims: Securing Protection Orders

Domestic violence is an all too serious a condition in Arizona and its victims should understand all legal options available to them to them to safeguard themselves and their loved ones from further abuse. Protective orders provide essential legal protection, helping ensure safety. In this blog post we explore these avenues available in Arizona to you in terms of protecting orders.

An order of protection is a legal document issued by a court that seeks to stop harmful behavior by an abusive individual and provide specific protections for his/her victim or others affected. These measures could include provisions like restricting contact between abuser and victims as well as temporary custody/visitation rights granted or restrained as needed by this order of protection.

Eligibility for Order of Protection in Arizona: In order to be eligible for an order of protection in Arizona, one must possess specific relationships with their abuser such as being spouse/domestic partner/family member or sharing children in common with him/her. You also need evidence showing domestic violence has occurred or have reasonable beliefs they are currently at risk in order to be granted one.

Process for Securing an Order of Protection: To start this process, a petition should be filed at your local court detailing domestic violence incidents that require protection and providing justifications why this order of protection should be issued. Depending on their findings, your local court could grant or deny this petition and issue either an immediate temporary order of protection; then after reviewing this interim measure; an extension hearing can then take place to decide on extension based on an application by either side to extend said order if needed.

Support and Advocacy: It is key that when applying for an order of protection you receive assistance and advocacy throughout. Local organizations or domestic violence support services may offer guidance, resources and emotional support while connecting you to legal professionals that specialize in these cases.

Violation of an Order of Protection: Violating an order of protection can be considered a serious offense, so should someone break its terms it’s imperative they document this immediately and contact law enforcement; violations could potentially have serious legal repercussions for those violating them.

Conclusion: Arizona domestic violence victims need protection orders as an essential legal option to safeguard them and their loved ones against further abuse. Understanding eligibility requirements, process for obtaining orders and local resources/professional support are vital in successfully navigating legal system if this is your experience – never forget that help is always available during such trying times! If this sounds familiar then know you aren’t alone – help is here – be safe from further violence now and call our helpline NOW!