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Isabel Sissel

Managing Paralegal

Isabel Sissel’s passion for the legal field and community has been a driving force behind her successful career as a paralegal. Hailing from Kirkwood Community College in Iowa, her commitment to her studies led her to Arizona State University where she pursued education in Criminology & Criminal Justice – studying how law affects society and eventually earning herself her Bachelor degree.

At ASU, Isabel focused her volunteer efforts with Girl Scouts Beyond Bars where she played an essential part in helping young girls build meaningful relationships with their incarcerated mothers. Through this experience she gained deep empathy for families facing difficulty and the desire to support those experiencing difficulty.

Over the past several years, Isabel has refined her abilities as a paralegal specializing in family and juvenile law cases. Working alongside multiple attorneys, Isabel has amassed invaluable experience navigating complex family court proceedings while supporting clients during emotionally trying times. Isabel finds great fulfillment in this role of paralegal; particularly helping families overcome hurdles to finding resolutions to disputes.

Isabel’s personal interests outside her professional sphere include traveling to new states and expanding her perspectives through her practice of Pilates – keeping herself healthy while helping our firm protect families! Spending quality time with loved ones, including her cherished cats, is an essential part of Isabel’s life, as she values the importance of personal connections and nurturing relationships.

Isabel Sissel stands out as an invaluable and vital member of our legal team; with her dedication, compassionate nature and extensive expertise in family, juvenile, and criminal law she provides invaluable support to clients while making positive contributions in their lives.